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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


RATTLESNAKE ENCOUNTER Had my first rattlesnake encounter of 2011 today while hiking near Cave Creek. This handsome fellow (or gal---I wasn't about to check) was at least 4 feet long and boasted a very healthy girth---obviously a well-fed specimen. This is a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake (Crotalus atroy). This species can grow up to 66 inches in length and is notorious for being responsible the vast majority of snake bites on humans in the United States. Arizona also is home to 12 additional species of rattlers (14 if you count the arena football and baseball teams named for them)--more than any other state. Arizona Game and Fish has a handy online resource for identifying and learning to safely share our public lands with snakes. ARIZONA GAME & FISH SNAKE INFO:


desertsandbeyond said...

Oh, my! I think I would faint if I came across one during my morning walk!!!! Great pics!

Phoenix Criminal Lawyer said...

Great pictures, I want to get out this weekend.