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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Have you been seeing these colorful patches attached to hiker packs, shirts and hats while trekking Arizona trails?  They signify that the wearer is a member of the Arizona Hiking Facebook Group. The group has over 19,000 active members who share their hiking adventures, photos and advise. Join us and get a patch (NOT a requirement) of your own, too.

The goal of Arizona Hiking group is to provide a
forum for hikers of all levels to share experiences and tips.
As a member, you are expected to:
• Contribute helpful and inspiring hike-related posts.
• Respect fellow members by keeping comments civil.
• Stay on topic.
• Provide positive/useful feedback and encouragement.
• Disagree constructively, not hatefully.
• Refrain from posting business ads or links to draw readers to your social media sites/website/blog/YouTube channel/store/business/fundraising site.
• Your personal used gear for sale or trade is okay to post.
• Do not post about "undisclosed" locations or "secret" trails. Seriously-- If you don't want anybody to know about it, don't tease about it!
• You may post non-commercial hike events to our calendar, but for-profit, events soliciting donations or paid guide hikes are not allowed.
• We encourage members to be interested in and aware of issues that impact our public lands. As posts of this nature often incite angry, hostile comments instead of solution-oriented action, we require that these topics be presented in a manner that will drive change. Therefore, when you post about a hot topic such as proposed regulations or controversial issues such as hiking in the heat, or animal abuse, please: Include a link to the agency overseeing the project or the appropriate government representative so members can respond to decision makers. Then, turn off commenting. We want you to comment where it matters.
• Posts with fund-raising/GoFundMe/Kickstarter, etc links will be deleted. Please use your personal Facebook page for such activities.

• You will be banned from the group for posting foul language, threats, bullying, nude photos, hostile/hateful commentary.
• The Arizona Hiking Group Facebook community was created as a social media extension of the
• The copyright to the Arizona Hiking Group logo is owned by founder Mare Czinar and may not be used without permission.

1 comment:

Max Karren said...

This patch is awesome! Just requested permission to join the group. Excited to connect with fellow Arizonan hikers.