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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

“I didn’t know,” is a sorry, ignorant excuse.

Be informed, take responsibility for your actions and respect our public lands.
There's a state-wide fire ban. (Billy Creek, White Mountains)
Over the past weeks, there have been multiple reports of monkey-see-monkey-do behaviors on public lands.
Just because you see somebody doing something doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to do it too.
“I didn’t know,” is a sorry, ignorant excuse.  

Campfires and charcoal are BANNED in ALL national forests through June 30, 2020.

‘Tis the season. Check this website for up-to-date info on fire activity and STAY OUT of closure areas so first responders can do their jobs.
Don't trash our public lands. (Campbell Mesa, Flagstaff.)
Trash attracts trash. Just because somebody left a bag of trash on the side of the road DOES NOT mean it’s okay to add to it. There is NO trash service on most forests. Resources are stretched thin so that dump pile will likely sit there for a long time. Trash is not only unsightly, it pollutes the environment and contaminates watersheds. Also it attracts wildlife like bears which can lead to unfortunate outcomes for them when they learn to associate human activity and waste dumps with free food. You might have blood on your hands for leaving trash behind.
Know before you go! (Easy Breezy Trail, Sedona)
Know before you go. Just because somebody removed a barrier and entered a closed area or posted social media photos of themselves  defying closures (and they should be embarrassed, not boastful)  DOES NOT give you permission to do the same.
Don’t be the clueless one. It takes only a few minutes to Google your planned destination to check current conditions.
Check before you go. Here are links to the holiday weekend hot spots.

Tonto National Forest:
Coconino National Forest:
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest:

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