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Tuesday, May 30, 2017



One of three primary trails in the preserve
If you weren’t looking for it, you’d probably zip right past this miniscule hiking destination tucked amid the suburbs 1.5 miles south of downtown Prescott. The Boyle-DeBusk Open Space Preserve is a project of the Central Arizona Land Trust, a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting sensitive western landscapes. The property was donated to the City of Prescott in 2003 and is now part of the city’s public open space holdings.
Canyon grapes grow wild in the preserve's riparian zone 
Located in the space between expansive national forest land and a community with tin roof cabins and porches decorated with wood-whittled critters, the 9.7-acre natural area has been enhanced with hiking trails that explore its ecologically diverse terrain.  Three primary trails---DeBusk, Boyle and Talcott—wander through a woodsy mix of pine, oak and juniper trees that provide shade along much of the intertwined system. Running down the middle of the preserve, a gorge with an intermittent stream fosters a swath of water-loving plants like canyon grapes, wild roses and Scouring Rush Horsetail plants which look like bamboo.
Prescott's Granite Mountain as seen from the trails.
Experienced hikers will breeze through this matrix like a knife through butter while trekkers with kids in tow and those who prefer a leisurely pace to enjoy wildlife and plants could spend hours here.  Although this tiny trail matrix might not rate as a standalone destination, its proximity to the 54-mile long Prescott Circle Trail (PCT) makes it a nice add-on exploration.  There’s a major PCT trailhead just a mile and a half farther down White Spar Road.
Scouring Rush Horsetail

LENGTH: 1.2 miles total
RATING: moderate
ELEVATION: 5480’- 5611’
Limberlost Trailhead:
From Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott, go 1.6 miles south on Montezuma Street (White Spar Road/ State Route 89) to Limberlost Lane. Turn right and continue 0.1 mile to the trailhead.
Boyle, DeBusk, and Talcott Trailheads:
From Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott, go 1.5 miles south on Montezuma Street (White Spar Road/ State Route 89) to Clubhouse Drive, turn right and continue 0.1 mile to the Talcott Trailhead on the left. To reach more access points, continue another 0.1 mile on Clubhouse and turn left onto East Hill Circle—there are three trailheads within 0.1 mile.
Parking is very limited along the streets. Do not block private drives.
INFO: Central Arizona Land Trust

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