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Sunday, April 16, 2017


View of Mingus Mountain and Jerome from Backbone Trail
Spanning the space Northeast of the Verde River between the communities of Bridgeport and Cornville is a system of trails that just got a shot in the arm. Although the trails have been around for awhile, a recent influx of grant dollars has helped fund new trailheads, signs and fresh trail construction. The Cornville Non-Motorized Trails project is being coordinated by Yavapai County and the Cornville Community Association in partnership with the Forest Service. The overall goal is to establish a 12-mile network of routes to link the two towns. The work-in-progress is coming together quickly and is now open to hiking, biking and equestrian use.
New signs were installed in March 2017
The trails located between Zalesky and Tissaw Roads are mostly complete, signed and easy to follow. This segment of the system is anchored by the Backbone Trail which passes through a wash-riddled high desert with views of Jerome and Mingus Mountain to the west and Sedona to the north.
Backbone Trail
Cliff-rose and paintbrush
Two loops—Zalesky and Side Oats—attach to Backbone making for roughly 6-7 miles of hiking between the two trailheads. The single track dirt and sand paths brush by subdivisions, farm houses and plenty of open country with limestone escarpments and a smattering of juniper trees dotting grassy plains. This exposed landscape hosts a plethora of blooming plants including Cliff-rose, Crucifixion-Thorn, Mormon Tea and dozens of ankle-high wildflowers. Near Tissaw Road, the trail climbs a tiny mound for glimpses of Sedona's House Mountain and the Verde River watershed.
Sego lilies bloom along the trails 
Across Tissaw Road, the system continues to evolve with new construction happening on the Dog Leg, Creosote and Black Grama Loops.

LENGTH: 12 miles total
RATING: easy-moderate
ELEVATION: 3170' - 3560'
Zalesky Road Trailhead (Bridgeport):
From Interstate 17 north of Camp Verde, take the McGuireville exit 293 and go 12.3 miles west on Cornville Road to State Route 89A. Turn left and continue 1 mile to Zalesky Road, turn left and go 0.1 to the trailhead on the left.
Tissaw Road Trailhead (Cornville):
From Interstate 17 north of Camp Verde, take the McGuireville exit 293 and go 11.2 miles west on Cornville Road to Tissaw Road. Turn left and continue 1 mile to the trailhead on the right.

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