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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


SLIDE FIRE: May 20, 2014
West Fork of Oak Creek: this has just burned ....
 UPDATE: 5-26-14: good news, fire damage to Call of the Canyon and West Fork of Oak Creek is not too bad. Check out this link for photos:

UPDATE 5-21-14: West Fork of Oak Creek is burning. No words.....
Here we go again---wildfire season.  This fire, which started this afternoon, is precariously close to West Fork of Oak Creek.  Although I haven’t received an official press release from the forest service yet, this is a no-brainer---don’t plan on hiking in the Oak Creek Canyon area any time soon.  The links below provide frequent updates on the fire. And, about that 3.5-mile switchback construction shut down on SR89A, you can now add 15 miles in both directions to the closure area. Pray, chant, cast good spells or dance for West Fork and the safety of our firefighters and local residents.

Coconino National Forest:
Wildfire Incident Reports:

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