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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leg stretch on Snowbowl Road


Not on the map, but well-known for its shaded ease, this compact "no name" footpath is just the ticket for a stroll with the kiddies or a quick way to air  out a scenic drive on Snowbowl Road.  Aspen Corner has long been  a popular, bend-in-the-road stop off for daytrippers with cameras and picnic baskets in tow. And although one need not venture far from the location's roadside fence to enjoy majestic mountain views and a dewy meadow replete with places to throw down a blanket, a hike along this short path which punches through a perfumed tangle of tall trees fringed with ankle-tickling wildflowers adds a dose of lung clearing high country O2 to the detour.
To find this refeshing route,begin at the fence opening at the north end of the parking area heading out on the trail that goes right and continue to a fork.  Here, continue straight ahead through a pair of boulders (the left fork connects with the Arizona Trail)  and follow the trail to where it meets Snowbowl Road.  Return the way you came.

LENGTH: 0.6 mile round trip
RATING: easy
ELEVATION: 8940' - 9000'

From Phoenx, travel north on I17 to Flagstaff.  Connect with US180 and drive 7 miles north to Snowbowl Road.  Head 5.2 miles uphill on Snowbowl Road to Aspen Corner.  There's a parking apron on the left near a splitrail fence.   

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