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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is Bigfoot lurking on the Rim?

FIND BIG FOOT. WIN $1,000,000

The forested canyons and rugged highlands of Arizona's Mogollon Rim have long been rumored to be a haven for the mysterious human-ape creature known as Bigfoot. While out hiking, you may have even stumbled upon an unusual footprint, scat pile or bone and wondered---could it be? Now your incidental ape finds could turn into a cash cow; so dust off your cameras and scientific field testing equipment and get in the game for a chance at a $1,000,000 reward. Olympia beer, in patnership with The Falcon Project, are offering cash money to anyone who finds "irrefutable evidence" of Bigfoot. This evidence might include DNA (think, poop), skeletal remains and---of course---safe, live capture of the beast. Videos and photos will be considered as supporting evidence only and must be backed up by physical proof. A panel of experts will examine submissions for authenticity. Participants who harm Bigfoot or any other species will be disqualified, publically shamed and refered to law enforcement. This is not a hunting contest. Check out the web site below for full details, sighting reports and to participate in an online community of Bigfoot africinados. Disclaimer: no beer or cash was provided in exchange for this blog post. Nor was I under the influence when writing it.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Capturing a creature that grizzly's are afraid of, weighs 600 to 800 lbs, 8ft tall and is almost as smart as a human? Goodluck. They more than likely bury their dead and all the DNA testing that has had positive results of "Unknown Primate or animal" is never accepted.

So, 1,000,000 reward but you can't kill it? I could put out that reward and never have to worry though my bank account is very far from being able to pay it.

You could have a million photo's, or video but no one would believe to the point of giving a million $ to.
I believe that there is a good chance there are Bigfoot but no one will believe it until one is killed.

I do not want one killed either, I would rather have the mystery than the proof. But it will never be proven without some idiot killing one.