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Friday, April 5, 2013

52 miles of new, local trails set to open in June

McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale
UPDATE: June 10, 2013---trailhead is now open to the public. 
Work continues on the much-anticipated JUNE 2013 opening of North Scottsdale's Brown's Ranch trailhead. The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy is still in need of dedicated volunteers to staff and patrol what will undoubtedly be a VERY popular destination. Check out the website below learn how to get involved. The next volunteer orientation is APRIL 13, 2013.
Linda Raish, the Conservancy's Community Development Director has provided the following

The City of Scottsdale expects the following to be ready by June, 2013:
  • Trailhead complete and operational
  • 52 miles of trails operational from the trailhead including trails around Cone Mountain, Brown's Mountain, Little Granite Mountain and Fraesfield.
  • Trail signs installed along these 52 miles of trail
  • Trail map
  • Granite Mountain Trailhead complete and operational (136th Street and power line corridor .The city has created sustainable trails that accommodate multiple users. Sustainable trails are trails that have been built on proper grades, that use side-hill contour trails and that do not run down a fall line (thus decreasing possible erosion).  This will mean that users will not experience the ruts that have long been the norm in the area. 

The majority of the 52 miles of trail are 32" to 48" wide (except for trails built along previous jeep roads, which may be a bit wider). Depending on use, most trails will naturalize to become between 12" to 18" (forming a single track). There are 140 miles of total trails on the trails plan for the north area, which means that an additional 90 miles of trail will be developed beginning in October 2013. 

The Conservancy will begin to patrol the area in September, with the expectation that our patrol program will be fully functional in October, 2013. Also, Pathfinders will begin trailhead shifts in October, to talk to visitors about which trails will be best for their fitness level.  The Grand Opening of the trailhead is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2013.
Just a reminder that people should not try to access the trailhead or trails until June as they will be ticketed!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I am new to the Scottsdale area, and I'm an avid hiker, previously from Colorado. I had been hiking the usual stuff, Camelback, Tom's Thumb, Pinnacle Peak... Until I found your blog!

There are so many hiking opportunities out there! I am so excited!

Your blog will be very helpful and useful for me!

I've wondered, have you thought about putting all this information into a book? You should really publish it! It's great!!!

When I travel to a new city I usually hunt down a local hiking book, that has distance, difficulty etc, so I can find great hikes! I have not been able to find one in AZ! There is definitely a need for such book!

Anyway, love your blog, and will continue to refer to it!

Happy Trails!