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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A hike survival tool that helps American veterans.


Marketers love bloggers these days.  I know this because hardly a day goes by when I don't receive inquiries offering free product in return for  blog reviews.
Although I receive an average of 15 offers for free products each week, I accept only when a product is highly relevent and would be of interest to hikers. (And I don't write about it if it sucks!) Survival Straps are worth knowing about.  These  American-made, rugged bracelets and accessories are constructed of super-strong knotted paracord that can be unwound for use in emergency situations.  An effortless (and fashionable) addition to your hike survival kit, the straps can be used for:
• water rescue
• building a shelter
• fix broken packs, boots
• improvise a sling or splint
• emergency dog leash
• string-and-stick fire maker
• fishing line
• control bleeding
• belt
• tent/food bag rigging
• towing
• make a trap

But, the real clincher is this: when you purchase a strap, a portion of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project—a program set up to support injured soldiers returning home from the military.  The project focuses on providing education,employment services, emotional support and physical well-being.

Also, if you deploy your strap and have a good story to tell—send it in to the manufacturer and you'll receive a replacement for just the cost of shipping.


DISCLOSURE: I received several free product samples but was not obligated to provide a blog review.

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