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Monday, December 13, 2010


BOYNTON CANYON VISTA Red Rock Secret Canyon Wilderness, Sedona Judging from the crowds, this has got to be the most popular vortex site(places on earth known for their high energy/spiritual powers) in Sedona. That’s probably because it’s easy to get to, not too tough to hike and offers the best views. Although vortex aficionados often disagree about the exact physical locations of these hot spots, there seems to be some consensus that the Boynton Canyon vortex lives on the saddle between two rock formations known as Kachina Woman and Boynton Spire. Guess where the Vista trail leads---yup, the saddle. Whether you regard the power of vortexes as a profoundly spiritual thing or a crock of baloney, it’s impossible to hike to the saddle and not appreciate the breathtaking beauty that unfolds on the way up. For a longer hike in the area, descend from the Vista Trail and continue up the Boynton Canyon Trail (see separate blog entry) for an unforgettable venture into a slim red rock gorge that slowly converges on the trail until the surrounding cliffs appear to collide in a massive wall of stone. LENGTH: 0.75 mile one-way RATING: easy ELEVATION: 4,500 – 4,800 feet BEST SEASONS: September - May FACILITIES: restroom, informational signage FEES: a Red Rock Pass (or equivalent) is required. $5 daily fee. Passes are available at the oak Creek ranger station and most local convenience stores., (928) 282-4119 GETTING THERE: From Phoenix, go north on I-17 to exit 298 (Sedona/ Oak Creek). Veer left (west) and follow SR 179 through the town of Oak Creek to the junction of 179 and Highway 89A in Sedona. Go through the traffic circle, head west (left toward Cottonwood) and continue 3.2 miles to Dry Creek Road. Turn right and follow Dry Creek Road 3 miles to the Long Canyon Road intersection. Go left to stay on FR 152C and continue 1.5 miles to a “T” intersection turn right and go a short distance to the trailhead on the right. INFORMATION: Red Rock Ranger District: (928) 282-4119

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