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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In June of 2008 while hiking in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest I was lucky enough to spot one of the area's re-introduced Mexican grey wolves. It was a moment I'll never forget---the beast was magnificent. To learn more about this endangered species, check out the links below. The first link features a recording of the harmonic howling of the Bluestem Pack-- which is located south of Big Lake in eastern Arizona and consists of an alpha mating pair and several pups. It will give you goose bumps. (These photos were taken at the Phoenix Zoo---I was too stunned to get my camera in time to capture the wild wolf).

1 comment:

Michael Aaron Hansen said...

Wonderful post. It's exciting to think that the species is roaming in our forests again. I haven't personally seen one yet (and may never--they're very elusive), but I'm sure the excitement of seeing one would stay with you forever.