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Monday, November 2, 2009


Sears Kay Ruins Tonto National Forest Although we may never fully understand how a group of ancient people known as the Hohokam eeked out a living on the seemingly inhospitable ridgelines above Cave Creek; we can still marvel at the brilliance and utility of their architecture. Archeologists believe the Sears Kay Ruins site was first inhabited by an agrarian culture around 1500 C.E.. A conglomerate of 40 lichen-encrusted stone foundations clearly shows the arrangement of living quarters, storage rooms and ceremonial chambers within the village while abundant informational signage helps visitors understand what life must have been like for the farmers who inhabited this rugged terrain and who also left an indelible footprint on the landscape for future generations to explore before abandoning their hilltop fortress. LENGTH: 1.2 miles roundtrip RATING: easy ELEVATION: 3,300 – 3,550 feet GETTING THERE: From Scottsdale, go north on Pima Road to Cave Creek Road. Turn right onto Cave Creek Road and continue for 7 miles and turn right at the signed turn off for the ruins. INFORMATION: (480) 595-3300,

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