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Friday, August 7, 2009

Grand Canyon Rim Trail

RIM TRAIL South Rim Grand Canyon National Park This easy-to-access trail hugging the canyon’s south rim is a popular way to explore Arizona’s most magnificent attraction while barely breaking a sweat---making it a perfect place to take your friends and family who may be more into strolling than hiking. From Park Headquarters, the trail goes east for nearly 3 miles to Mather Point and west for just under 9 miles to Hermit’s Rest. Maps are available onsite and you can hop the shuttle bus to get to any of the 10 stops along the trail. Although the trail never strays far from the park roads, great views and the chance of spotting one of the reintroduced California condors soaring above more than makes up for the lack of a “wilderness” feel. LENGTH: 12 miles one-way RATING: easy—some sections are paved & accessible ELEVATION: 6,820 – 7,020 feet GETTING THERE: From Grand Canyon Village, simply head out to the paved walkway along the rim of the canyon and start hiking in either direction.

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