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Monday, March 9, 2009


BIG LAKE LOOKOUT Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
This trail was impacted by the WallowFire on June 4, 2011. This scenic spur route leaves the Indian Springs Trail at a signed junction located about a half-mile from the trailhead. Adding a heart-pumping extra mile to the loop hike described below, the short but steep trail leads to the site of the former 30-foot-tall, 1930s-era fire tower. Situated at 9,415 feet, the tower was anchored into a rocky outcropping high above the Big Lake recreation area. Although the tower is gone,  excellent views make this side trip worth the extra effort. LENGTH: 2 miles round-trip (if done as an out-an-back hike from the trailhead). RATING: moderate ELEVATION GAIN: 315 feet GETTING THERE: see Indian Springs entry below

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Amanda Altman said...

Just wanted to give an update and a little heads up....We were looking forward to this trail and climbing the lookout tower. But the good people at the Big Lake General Store informed us that the tower burned down in the Wallow Fire in 2011. ("blew up", apparently). They told me that the remains are still there and it's cool to see but we skipped it because my valley looks don't work well in thin mountain air.