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Friday, February 20, 2009


HUNTER TRAIL Picacho Peak State Park You’ve got to be just a little bit “nuts” to hike to the top of Picacho Peak. Visible for miles along Interstate-10, the imposing heap of lava looks insurmountable. However, the Hunter Trail, with its network of cables bolted into bare rock, guides adventurous hikers to the top. While climbing up along the vertical hardware, you may find yourself questioning your sanity. That’s because most humans have a built-in fear of heights. Squirrels, on the other hand, do not share this trait. The peak’s resident critters seem to enjoy pestering hikers as they toil up the trail. But, don’t be too concerned -- they’re more interested in the snacks in your backpack than testing your mental fortitude. The exhausting climb to the summit rewards with expansive panoramas of the surrounding desert. From the top, Interstate-10 looks like a desolate pale ribbon leading to nowhere. While ogling the views, be sure to keep an eye on your gear or else a nut-loving squirrel might ambush your backpack and run off with your trail mix. LENGTH: 4 miles round-trip ELEVATION GAIN: 1,374 feet RATING: difficult GETTING THERE: From Phoenix, drive 75 miles south on I-10 to exit 219, Picacho Road. Once inside the park, follow the main road to the turnoff for Bartlett Loop. The trail starts at the picnic area at the north side of the loop. Wear boots with good traction and bring non-slip gloves to protect your hands on the cables. Fees: $6 daily fee per vehicle. Information: (520) 466-3183


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Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Wow...I know some Tucsonans who've hiked it but had no idea it was so steep. I've heard it's pretty when the wildflowers are blooming.