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Friday, January 16, 2009


BOYNTON CANYON Secret Canyon Wilderness, Sedona To New Age devotes, the metaphysical merit of Sedona’s vortex sites ranks right up there with Machu Pichu, the Egyptian Pyramids and Mount Everest. Along the Boynton Canyon trail, Sedona’s most popular vortex, peace symbols made of pine cones and hundreds of stone cairns mark special places discovered by droves of spiritual pilgrims and extraterrestrial zealots. It’s not unusual to hear the sounds of didgeridoos and flutes emanating from the cliffs. The trail begins on a sandy, desert path overlooking the Enchantment Resort and culminates in a box canyon shaded by oaks and pines. Once at the head of the canyon, venture out onto the sandstone ledge and peer around the corner for breath taking views of the area’s monolithic red and beige sandstone formations. Although it’s easy to see why spirits and little green men would feel right at home in Boynton Canyon, abductions are rare. LENGTH: 3.7 miles one way RATING: Moderate ELEVATION: 4,500' - 5,050' GETTING THERE: From the Sedona "Y" intersection, turn left onto highway 89A (toward Cottonwood) and continue 3 miles to Dry Creek Road. Turn right onto Dry Creek Road (FR 152C) and go 3 miles to the intersection for Boynton Canyon Road and turn left. Proceed another .3 mile to the parking lot on the right. A Red Rock Pass is REQUIRED to park. The passes are available for purchase at the ranger station in Oak Creek and at a sub station along Dry Creek Road.

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