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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monsoon insurance in a bag

BHEESTIE Bags dry out soaked personal electronics

It happens to me all the time---a summer monsoon storm hits while I'm hiking in Arizona's high country and suddenly, my little point-and-shoot camera fogs up. It has a tendency to collect consensation when exposed to cool moisture especially after being used at 80+ degrees just moments before. This not only makes the lens hazy, but also can damage the electronics. Used to be, when this happened, I'd shut the camera off for a few days and hope for the best--sometimes the gamble paid off, sometimes not.  So, when two sisters from Oregon contacted me about field testing their BHEESTIE dry-out bag invention---I was all in on that! The product is a pouch filled with moisture-absorbing beads that pull away water, fog or whatever other wet stuff has gotten into your camera, cell phone, iPod, watch or GPS devise. The feather-light, flat bags fit easily into a backpack and are way more effective at drying out electronics than the "old rice-in-a-ziplock-bag trick" (or doing nothing) and can be re-used for up to a year.  Although there's no 100% guarantee that a BHEESTIE can save your drenched devise, having one handy is like  cheap insurance for that $400 smart phone.  It did work on my monsooned Nikon Cool Pix camera. 

Available online and at REI

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free BHEESTIE bag to field test with no obligation to publish a positive review. 

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